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About Hasz Construction

We help entrepreneurs become successful by helping them through the most complex and financially risky part of opening a new space, the construction phase. Construction is the biggest expense of opening, with a ton of complex moving parts, and most of these people have little or no experience in construction. What they do have are the horror stories from others about construction projects that have gone sideways, running way over budget and taking way too long. We are here to do everything we can to help our clients avoid the pitfalls and surprises that trip up so many.

Most of our clients have spent years planning their dream, perfecting the concept, conceptualizing the design, searching for just the right space, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from friends and family. Some clients have even taken on the extreme risk of putting a second mortgage on their home to see this dream through. This kind of pressure can put them in a total state of fear, especially since none of them are experts in construction. It’s our duty to guide them through the construction phase, respect the risk they have taken, and build their dream with clarity and honesty so they can corral their fears, and sleep at night knowing their dream is in good hands.

Because we treat each client with clarity, honesty, and respect, we have better relationships with the entire team, and from it create a better workplace. We don’t surprise our clients with change orders, or delay notices. Instead, we ‘Deep Dive’ into the plans at the bidding stage, looking for what’s missing or isn’t buildable, and provide them with a real budget that takes into account everything necessary to open so that our beginning budget is as close as possible to our completed project budget. Our final cost is usually within a couple of percent of the bid budget, if not exactly at the bid budget. This is the way business should be done.

Each team member at Hasz Construction is also treated with respect, clarity, and honesty. No matter how much experience you have in building, we want to help you develop and grow into the best construction guide possible, and feel fulfilled at a job well done.

If you truly want to feel fulfilled at work, helping people realize their dreams through your expertise, I would be happy to connect with you about coming aboard.

Available Positions

  • Project Organization – Directs the work flow consistent with the project schedule, communicates project priorities to field staff and subcontractors, maintains daily reports and timesheets of all activities and site conditions, and manages the punch list and closeout process through owner/architect acceptance.
  • Project Manager – Works with project manager in formulating project schedule, ensures that the proper methods and sequence of installation are followed makes and follows through with schedule commitments, and maintains the company’s quality standards.
  • Subcontractor Relations – Maintains good working relationship with all subcontractors on the project, develops relationships within the community, which enhance business opportunities, and ensures subcontractors perform efficiently. Measure the performance of the subcontractors’ and implement strategies and safety protocol to eliminate claims and injuries.
  • Risk Management – Ensures complete, accurate daily documentation of work orders, understands subcontractor scope of work to avoid unnecessary change orders, and identifies problems early and acts immediately to provide solutions.
  • Develops and organizes the field team, arranges for temporary facilities/utilities for the site, and identifies long lead items that need to be expedited.
  • Project Safety – Understands and administers the company’s safety program to include all subcontractors, ensures that all accidents/incidents are promptly reported and investigated, and assists in safety inspections by outside agencies. Follow company IIPP procedures.
Design Coordinator/Estimator